Oshare Curry - Your Visual Asia Community (osharecurry) wrote in okinawa,
Oshare Curry - Your Visual Asia Community

Hey there Okinawa!

Hey there okinawa! We're Oshare Curry, a visual asia blog and community!

We're saying hi, and inviting you to join our community- cause we're a visual asia / japan based community and blog and would love to share our updates and stories with you!

We're looking for more authors to fill pockets of cultural areas we're missing - so just give us a hollar and a yell and we'll be happy to let you in on the scoop!

Thanks for reading this okinawa community! We'll keep on reading and knowing about the great posts in this community for as long as we stay on livejournal. (And if oshare curry doesnt stay, then we'll let our lj friends know about you!)

- Reiko Arashi, Oshare Curry
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