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okinawa's Journal

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Friends and Fans of Okinawa
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Mensoree! This is the community for sharing stories and pictures and asking questions about Okinawa, the Jewel in the Pacific!

Okinawa Links:

Okinawa article on Wikipedia
Japan Update – an up-to-date news site
Okinawa Times – weekly news in Japanese only (the English edition hasn't been updated in over a year...)
Official site of the Okinawa Prefecture – news and information (also in English)
Marines in Okinawa – official USMC information and news (if similar sites for the other services exist, please post the links)
Okinawa Travel Guide – lots of essential information for the traveler
Virtual Okinawa – travel info, classifieds, and more
Battle of Okinawa – detailed information about the WWII battle that marked the beginning of U.S. presence in Okinawa


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