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Friends and Fans of Okinawa's Journal
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Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
6:20 pm
Friday, January 22nd, 2010
5:03 pm
Hey there everybody!

I just discovered this community and it's nice to see others interested in the culture!

I'm actually half Okinawan, grew up on the island as an Air Force Brat but now I'm back here on my own as an international student at the University of the Ryukyus in Nishihara. I'm lucky that most of my family is still here on the island (grandmothers, aunts, uncles cousins and all^^)

I've been keeping my livejournal for the year I've been here about all the things I've seen and noticed (now, with adult eyes) since coming back to the island and as a way to keep my friends and family back home updated.

Anyway, my real reason for this post is that I just wanted to say hi to everyone and I hope I can be of help to anyone who has any questions about being an international student here or anything else I can help with!
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
10:35 pm
Hey there Okinawa!
Hey there okinawa! We're Oshare Curry, a visual asia blog and community!

We're saying hi, and inviting you to join our community- cause we're a visual asia / japan based community and blog and would love to share our updates and stories with you!

We're looking for more authors to fill pockets of cultural areas we're missing - so just give us a hollar and a yell and we'll be happy to let you in on the scoop!

Thanks for reading this okinawa community! We'll keep on reading and knowing about the great posts in this community for as long as we stay on livejournal. (And if oshare curry doesnt stay, then we'll let our lj friends know about you!)

- Reiko Arashi, Oshare Curry
Saturday, March 28th, 2009
5:38 pm
learning shamisen
evening. i prefer the sound of (tsugaru) shamisen but figure the closest i'm going to get in okinawa is sanshin lessons. i would appreciate it if anyone could provide any information regarding lessons in either instrument. living in chatan-chou area.
Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
5:14 pm
Okinawa Assoc of America, NY
I get the impression that most people on this list are associated with the US military operations on Okinawa, or are otherwise living there...

On the off chance that anyone here is of Okinawan descent (or not; I'm not.) and is interested in getting to know others in the NY/NJ area of Okinawan descent, I've just discovered the Okinawa American Association (NY), a small community organization which organizes potlucks, picnics, and other very informal sort of events, along with a periodic newsletter.

I'd gone out in search of any formal Okinawan presence there may be in New York - an Okinawa culture center, studio (school) offering sanshin lessons, an Okinawan goods/produce store - and came up short, proving my father wrong for the first time in his assertion that you can find anything in NY if you just look hard enough.

Anyway, if you're interested, please check out http://www.oaany.org/, and maybe I'll see you at a future event :)
Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
9:51 pm
Umm....need some serious help. Just recently had stuff sent to me, but alas...I have to go pick it up.

Thing is....I have no idea where exactly I have to pick my packages up from.
I have to pick it up from:
Or Okinawa Shiten Madoguchi

Any ideas as to where this is? And when I get there, how do I get my stuff?

Any help is vastly appreciated.

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, February 2nd, 2009
2:49 pm
Hello all~

Just recently got to Okinawa about a month ago and I'm already itching to buy some clothes.

Thing is...the clothing I want is somewhat harder to get.
I tend to wear more alternative clothing and the closest I've come to is Seven in Jusco mall in American Village. ...And Seven is geared towards men. D;

So just wondering if there's any stores in a 50km radius of Kadena that would suit my needs/wants. xD

....And if anybody wants to hang out, I'm totally game for cruising around on the weekends. XD

Current Mood: complacent
Saturday, January 31st, 2009
8:07 pm
Insulin pump at an onsen?
My wife and I are going to the Yuki Matsuri this week, and we are going to an onsen while we are there. I'm diabetic and have an insulin pump. Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do with it while there? I can disconnect the pump, but there will still be an adhesive patch, like for an IV, stuck to me. I'd rather not have to take the patch completely off, but will if I have to. Is anyone on this list diabetic, and if so, have you run into this situation?
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
6:25 pm
Protein Powder
Does anyone here know if it is possible to get protein powder here in Okinawa? I want to start exercising and getting into shape. I'm not in the military, so I can't get on base to buy stuff there. I'm still not super good with my kana, so I'm not sure if MaxValu has it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks a bunch!
Sunday, November 30th, 2008
8:34 pm
Moderator Post
I was handed moderatorship of this community a couple years ago, for no particular reason I can recall. I miss Okinawa, but it's been nearly ten years since I was stationed there and I feel very out-of-touch. I feel it's time to pass control of the community to someone who can be more involved.

Do we have any volunteers or nominations?
3:34 pm
Sapporo Snow Festival
My wife and I live in Okinawa, and want to go to the Sapporo Snow Festival. Does anyone have any recommendations for travel agencies to go through? We went through HIS to buy tickets to California, but aren't sure if there are cheaper agencies to go through, or if it's easier/cheaper to purchase directly from one of the airlines. Do agencies get a better tabi-wari rate?

This has been cross-posted to "jet_life", "jetjapan", and "jet_programme"
Sunday, September 28th, 2008
9:31 pm
Hello everyone!
I got to the island just over a month ago. My name's Jon Patterson. Yoroshiko onagaishimasu. My wife is an ALT here, and I am looking for a job doing the same. I really like it here and find the people to be very polite and always more than willing to help out a baka gaijin like myself. The second day I had my car, I managed to put 2000 yen worth of diesel in it. The guy at the Eneos station, after much gesturing back and forth, and multiple phone calls to a friend of my wife's who could translate, they pulled the car to a mechanic shop, where they pumped out my tank. Go Okinawa!
Oh, I have a favor to ask anyone on base. In talking about Halloween with the teachers at one of her schools, the subject of pumpkins came up. Is it possible to get orange pumpkins on base? If anyone is able to help my wife and I out with this, we would be really appreciative. I apologize if this is inappropriate, because I don't want anyone to think I am trying to mooch off Uncle Sam. Thanks in advance!

Anyway, I look forward to learning all sorts of things about Japanese and Ryukyan culture while we are here. I also look forward to talking with the people here.
Sunday, August 31st, 2008
7:01 pm
I'm a newly minted and stationed Marine out at Futenma that's oh so very excited about being in Okinawa. I was hoping to recieve some assistance from someone regarding where to go out and about in town for some good local metal, punk, or jazz. I've already been to the famous Gate 2 Street and I'm hoping to find something a bit more...local.

Arigato gozaimas in advance for you assistance.
Friday, July 25th, 2008
12:40 pm
Okinawa-themed T-shirts
Hi all. Back when I visited Okinawa months ago, I found tons of t-shirt shops selling all sorts of awesome designs. In the end, I didn't buy any, as they were all too expensive. But now I'm rethinking my decision, and wishing I'd bought at least one...

One particular shop comes to mind; I've entirely forgotten their name, and website, so I am therefore asking for your help. It seems a fairly well-advertised company - I recall seeing large signs, if not out-and-out billboards, advertising their website. And I remember they had one shop right near Makishi Station on the Yui Rail, a very small shop on the second floor of a building... Actually, I suppose that very well could be a different shop entirely.

I realize I am sounding like a complete ditz here, giving you basically nothing to go on, and asking for help. But if anyone could provide me with some websites to get cool Okinawan fashions (not this kind of stuff, but things with the FC Ryuyku logo, or with the PUMA logo but saying "Shisa" instead...) I would be most appreciative. Even if it's not the site I'd been thinking of, it can still be an excellent find.

Thank you!!!
Friday, September 14th, 2007
8:37 pm
For those who just don't have anything to do on Sat the 22nd of Sept and have an ID card:

I am going to have a booth at the Market Day (Shilling Center, Kadena Base) on Sept 22nd from 10am-3pm. Come check it out! And here is a small taste of what I will have at my booth.
The main focus are matted 8x10 prints of Okinawa and setting up portraits but I will also be selling (as you can see from the photo) notecards, notebooks, apron, and not pictured are the magnets. 10% off to all LJ users.

PicturesCollapse )

I also have a friend selling handmade baby wraps and another selling baby quilts...

Hope to see you there!
Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
11:15 pm
Typhoon Hits Okinawa
May-Li flips cars, cancels flights as it sweeps across Okinawa

Date Posted: 2007-07-14
Super Typhoon May-Li roared across Okinawa packing winds of 56.3 meters per second Friday, overturning vehicles, knocking down trees, utility poles and traffic signs, and injuring 23.

The first typhoon in three years to land a direct strike on Okinawa, May-Li knocked out power to 108,000 homes as it passed Friday. Naha Airport canceled 331 flights, stranding 36,000 travelers. The super typhoon also canceled passenger ferries, buses and the Naha Monorail, and the Okinawa Expressway remains closed as of Saturday morning. As May-Li continues to Kyushu and further areas in mainland Japan, more flights from Naha to affected areas will be canceled on Saturday and Sunday.

Officials report no structural damage to Okinawa buildings, although 19 houses in Ginoza Village were flooded. Offshore waves reached 12 meters, but no tidal surge materialized. The strongest winds were in Naha City at 56.3 m/s, with Nago City recording 44.3 m/s at 10:54 a.m., and Okinawa City 50.9 m/s at 10:30 a.m. The eye of the storm passed over Naha City at 10 a.m.

One 4.9-ton fishing boat sank at Chatan Fishing Port, and Okinawa Prefecture Police evacuated 60 people to public halls on Tonaki Island and Nago City during the storm. Four vehicles turned on their side, including a truck and a van on Highway 58 in Naha. The drivers were not injured.

Of the 23 injured, one was a 48-year-old man who suffered serious injuries after being blown from his roof six meters to the ground while trying to adjust the TV antenna at his Chatan home. A 26-year-old Naha City woman was buffeted by winds and fell, while a 26-year-old Uruma City factory worker sustained head injuries after being struck by a flying object.

More than 350mm rain has been recorded in Naha City.
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
2:02 pm
Hello all. I've just discovered and joined this community, and I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself. Sorry if I'm invading your community here or spamming the board or whatever...

I'm an MA student in Japanese Studies, working on aspects of 16th-17th century Japanese foreign relations for my dissertation, and I have grown quite interested in Okinawa over the course of the year. It's a fascinating country, with a rich and interesting history - a tiny island kingdom with its own independent culture, polity, language, etc, serving two masters, China and Satsuma, and yet maintaining its own distinct identity even today. The more I study Japan, the more I find myself drawn away from Edo and Kyoto and into the interesting histories of the more distant or isolated regions, particularly those as unique as Okinawa.

I'm spending next year in Yokohama, and very much hoping that I can find time to visit Okinawa if it's not too hideously expensive (I'm sure it is).

One obstacle I've come across countless times in my research, however, is that most of my sources (I'm working only in English, as my Japanese is insufficient, and my Chinese is nil) only refer to things by the Japanese pronunciation. Is anyone here familiar with Ryukyuan/Okinawan language, and do you know (for a start), how to say "Kingdom of Ryukyu" (琉球王国) in Okinawan/Ryukyuan?

Sunday, April 29th, 2007
7:41 am
Do you need family portraits?
Mods if this is inappropriate let me know or just delete.

Get your summer family photos with a special rate!
Stuprich Photography is running a three month special starting the first of May for portraits. I do family/children/infant/pregnant portraits and would love to do yours! For this special, the sitting fee is $150 for any location of your choosing. I'm also running the special of $100 for the entire CD of pictures or I have my usual costs for single portraits/packages.

A few examplesCollapse )
Friday, March 23rd, 2007
12:51 pm
Geocaching – Another way to enjoy the sights of Okinawa

Part of the fun of any video game is the thrill of finding a treasured item.  In some games, it’s a unique weapon, in some, a priceless artifact, and in others, it’s nothing more than a checkpoint.
Part of my upgrade from video gaming to real-life gaming came by way of a conversation with my wife.  She mentioned something to me during a conversation about Land Nav that sparked my interest.  She told me that one of her friends did little treasure hunts with her husband and 2 sons.  Then she explained how it works.  A website has a database of hidden treasures (caches) all over the world, including the latitude and longitude coordinates of each cache.  There are different types of caches, but it’s typically an ammo box or other waterproof container with small, inexpensive trinkets inside; things like unit coins, key chains, etc.
I was hooked.  ‘Land Nav, with a twist, for fun?  I’m in!’
I went to the site (www.geocaching.com) and filled out the free registration.  I thought it took a little while to convince my wife that I needed a handheld GPS unit.  (It turns out, she was trying to save it for an anniversary gift).  Once I had the GPS, the hunt was on.  I found my first cache just outside Camp Foster, easily within walking distance.  It was actually a little more difficult than I thought it would be, but when I actually found it, I was exhilarated.  I have found a grand total of two caches, and it’s difficult to say which is more exciting- the thrill of the hunt, or the joy of discovery. 
One of the nice fringe benefits of this hobby is discovering new parks.  This island is packed with recreational areas, scenic views, and points of interest; I have found that many of these caches include at least one of these highlights, if not a combination of them.  The game is free, registration on the geocaching site is free, and the sights you will take in playing the game will be priceless.  It’s a great activity for adults and kids alike, and it’s played worldwide.  There are themed events for geocachers, some similar to the TV show The Amazing Race, some just an opportunity to meet and greet other cachers.
Check out the site- there may be treasure hidden just outside your door.
Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
6:01 pm
someone please save me!
it is spring and i am getting brunt! i have used all the american crap and they ain't working. PLEASE will someone send me spf 125 or higher that the japanese makes. i am BEGGING! PLEASE!!!!!
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