Mellie most yellow (gustorosso) wrote in okinawa,
Mellie most yellow

For those who just don't have anything to do on Sat the 22nd of Sept and have an ID card:

I am going to have a booth at the Market Day (Shilling Center, Kadena Base) on Sept 22nd from 10am-3pm. Come check it out! And here is a small taste of what I will have at my booth.
The main focus are matted 8x10 prints of Okinawa and setting up portraits but I will also be selling (as you can see from the photo) notecards, notebooks, apron, and not pictured are the magnets. 10% off to all LJ users.

Market Day

Market Day

I also have a friend selling handmade baby wraps and another selling baby quilts...

Hope to see you there!
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