dj_glucose (dj_glucose) wrote in okinawa,


Hello everyone!
I got to the island just over a month ago. My name's Jon Patterson. Yoroshiko onagaishimasu. My wife is an ALT here, and I am looking for a job doing the same. I really like it here and find the people to be very polite and always more than willing to help out a baka gaijin like myself. The second day I had my car, I managed to put 2000 yen worth of diesel in it. The guy at the Eneos station, after much gesturing back and forth, and multiple phone calls to a friend of my wife's who could translate, they pulled the car to a mechanic shop, where they pumped out my tank. Go Okinawa!
Oh, I have a favor to ask anyone on base. In talking about Halloween with the teachers at one of her schools, the subject of pumpkins came up. Is it possible to get orange pumpkins on base? If anyone is able to help my wife and I out with this, we would be really appreciative. I apologize if this is inappropriate, because I don't want anyone to think I am trying to mooch off Uncle Sam. Thanks in advance!

Anyway, I look forward to learning all sorts of things about Japanese and Ryukyan culture while we are here. I also look forward to talking with the people here.
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